Company Histroy

Spring breeze radiator is an earlier enterprise in the heating radiator industry. Its predecessor was Jixian Radiator Factory, which was established in 1972. It has a long history of development in the industry.

For more than 40 years, the company has condensed the wisdom and hard work of several generations of Chunfeng people, and has formed a full range of overall advantages in technology, quality, brand, service, etc. in the heating radiator industry.

Forty years of glorious course, the spring breeze has accumulated a profound historical background. It has formed the core concept of "continuous innovation, always maintaining the forefront of the industry", leading the industry trend, and realizing the spring breeze for decades.

For more than 40 years, the company has integrated the development of the enterprise, the progress of the industry and the well-being of the people, continuously leading and meeting the heating needs of the people, and realizing the harmonious development of the enterprise and the society.

In 1972, Jixian Radiator Factory (the predecessor of Chunfeng Group) was established in Jixian County, Hebei Province, marking the opening of a new chapter in the development of the radiator industry.
In 1980, the company built a small radiator mechanized production line, creating a precedent for mechanized production in the industry.
In 1984, the company hired well-known experts to open the first heating design training courses, technical training for key personnel.
In 1985, the company signed an export order for Chinese radiators with Greater Rasco in the United States.
In 1985, the company cooperated with Tsinghua University to develop a rare earth-bred high-pressure cast iron radiator, which is a milestone in the history of radiator development. The product won the product quality award-national quality award
In 2001, the company successfully developed a sand-free cast iron radiator with independent intellectual property rights, which adapted to the requirements of household heat metering heating system and greatly promoted the process of national thermal reform policy. The leaders of the Ministry of Construction visited the company to inspect the work and gave it a high degree of affirmation.
In 2004, the "cast iron heating radiator" national standard drafting seminar was held in the company. As the main drafting unit, Chunfeng Company has made a lot of constructive work for the formulation of national standards.
In 2005, China's radiator industry implemented a product certification system, and the company passed the product certification, marking a historic step in China's radiator product certification system.
Today, our pace of progress has never stopped, and the spring breeze will take on new challenges with a fuller attitude.