Testing Equipment

The company has complete testing equipment: spectrum analyzer, metallographic microscope, tensile testing machine, low-temperature impact testing machine, X-ray flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, etc., which can meet the multi-directional testing requirements of casting performance and material.

Automatic balance correction machine

Brinell hardness tester


X-ray flaw detector

Tensile testing machine

X-ray flaw detector

Methylene blue clay tester

Double disc infrared dryer

Vassing tester

Sand permeability tester

German SPECTRO direct reading spectrometer

Hydraulic universal strength testing machine

Electromagnetic microseismic sand screen machine

Siphon type sand washing machine

Coated sand production machine

Ultrasonic flaw detector

Metallographic microscope

Metallographic sample polishing machine

Metallographic sample pre-mill

Hammer type prototype

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