Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Take the moral standard and mind of being a person and doing things as the foundation of use, take the talent and potential shown in the work as the prerequisite, and pay equal attention to morality and talent. The company has a complete career development channel. Through a complete performance evaluation system and a benign competition mechanism, people who are capable, responsible, good at cooperation.

Talent Concept

Provide competitive salaries and benefits, establish a scientific and quantitative employee incentive system, and recruit talents from all over the world. Provide a fair and just evaluation mechanism to make the best use of talent and help employees realize their self-worth while the company is successful. Advocate happy work, help each other, and constantly improve the spiritual and cultural pursuit of enterprises, to create a warm home for employees.

Recruitment Post

  • POST
  • International Trade Commissioner
    Junior college
    Hebei Province
  • Requirements:

    1. Junior College degree or above, major in international trade or English related, CET-4 or above;
    2. Experience in import trade is preferred, knowledge of non-ferrous metals and casting products is preferred;
    3, familiar with the trade import and export and international air, sea, railway transportation operation related knowledge;
    4. Have good learning ability and logical thinking ability;
    5. meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, diligent and dedicated, with good team spirit;

  • Casting process design
    Junior college
    Hebei Province
  • Responsibilities

    1, responsible for the company's product technology work and process management work
    2, the preparation of product process documents, the formulation of material consumption process quota; According to the needs of the process, design process equipment and be responsible for the verification and improvement of process tooling;
    3, in-depth production site, master the quality situation; Guide and urge the first-line production of the workshop to solve the technical problems in production in a timely manner, and do a good job in process and technical services.
    4. Be responsible for the countersigning of new product drawings and the design of process tooling for batch trial production of new products, improve the trial production report and relevant process data, and participate in the identification of new products.
    5. Undertake the drafting and revision of process technology management system, organize relevant personnel to do a good job in process management, and supervise the implementation of process discipline.
    6, organize and lead the new technology, new technology test research work, grasp the process test topic summary and results identification, and organize the promotion and application. Do a good job in filing and archiving of process and technical data.
    7, actively carry out technical research and technical improvement work, the technical improvement plan and measures, responsible for signing opinions, and constantly improve the level of technology.
    8, responsible for the department's policy and objectives of the development and inspection, diagnosis, implementation.
    9. Complete the temporary tasks assigned by the chief engineer.


    1. Junior College degree or above, major in casting or machinery.
    2. Proficient in Office software, two-dimensional drawing software CAD, three-dimensional software UG and simulation software Magma.
    3, can independently complete the static pressure line product process design.
    4. Vertical cold core box and hot core box design and production experience.

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