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Spring breeze radiator new art 566

  • Description
  • Product features:
    1. Chunfeng cast iron radiator has beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. Using CAD plane aided design, using professional three-dimensional software to optimize the appearance effect, through the CAE radiator simulation casting system software to improve the design of the radiator casting process and radiator structure stress analysis.
    2. Each new product developed by Chunfeng cast iron radiator has been repeatedly tested by the national CMA certified thermal test bench, and the design of the radiator is improved by using the monitoring data mastered to achieve the best configuration of thermal performance, appearance structure and metal thermal strength.
    3. Spring wind cast iron radiator appearance quality and casting accuracy are far higher than the national standard index of cast iron radiator. All this is due to the spring wind cast iron radiator mold completely using CAM CNC machining production, to ensure the size of each radiator product mold accuracy and surface accuracy, through the use of multi-mode flexible PLC automatic control casting line production.
    4. Chunfeng cast iron radiator has a complete variety, the inner cavity is free of sticky sand, the pressure bearing capacity is high, the surface is sprayed with plastic treatment, and the appearance is beautiful, so that every Chunfeng cast iron radiator is unique: the structure is light, the appearance is steelized, and the production is high-quality., Specialized use, diversified functions, and optimized thermal characteristics.

    Production process:
    1. Smelting process
    (1) Cast pig iron Z18
    (2) Coke: fixed carbon is more than 85%, sulfur content is light rain 0.5
    (3) External hot air cupola
    (4)1500 degree molten iron, rapid analysis and detection in front of the furnace to ensure carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus composition, sulfur 0.1%, phosphorus 0.3%
    (5) Radiator material not less than HT150
    2. Modeling process
    (1) Multi-mode PLC flexible automation production technology
    (2) a box of 8-10 mold, high production efficiency
    (3) High-voltage multi-contact constant pressure modeling technology, uniform surface roughness of the product
    (4) Patented flat pin box technology to ensure that the wrong box of products is less than the national standard requirements.
    (5) Core head interactive positioning process to ensure uniform product wall thickness
    (6) Automated production, stable quality, good product consistency
    (7) Low labor intensity and good working environment
    3. Core-making process
    Sand core-compactness, dry strength, fire resistance, collapsibility and finish
    (1) Inner cavity non-sticky sand technology
    (2) The core-making production equipment is different-the core-making machine makes the core to ensure the firmness of the sand core.
    (3) The core-making binder is different to ensure the collapsibility and smoothness of the sand core.
    (4) Sand core organic powder spraying process
    (5) Other companies only mechanical sandblasting
    4. Machining process
    (1) National standard: thread 3.5 buckle complete, our internal control 4.5 buckle complete thread
    (2) National standard: the flatness of the end faces of the two flanges is not more than 0.5mm, we are 0.3mm
    (3) National standard: verticality should not be greater than 0.3mm, we are 0.2mm
    (4) National standard: coaxiality should not be greater than 2.0mm, we are 1.0mm
    5. Pressure test
    The national standard requires the working pressure to be 0.8Mpa and the test pressure to be 1.2Mpa
    (1) our test pressure according to 2 times the working pressure test, test pressure 1.6MPa
    (2) We test the pressure three times: blank pressure test, pressure test after machining, pressure test after assembly
    (3) Some products we also use air pressure test pressure


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