Types and characteristics of agricultural machinery castings

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Agricultural machinery castings Due to the low cost of cast iron, good treatment, heavy recycling can save resources and energy, so the application and development of this material will not last long. Such as cupola-electric furnace double melting treatment and equipment research and development; Widely used in molten iron desulfurization and filtration technology; Thin-walled high-strength cast iron manufacturing technology; Cast iron composite manufacturing technology; Cast iron surface or local hardening treatment; Isothermal ordinary fireball graphite cast iron complete set treatment adopts metal mold casting, metal mold sand casting, continuous casting and other special treatment and equipment.

(I) cast iron

Due to the low cost of cast iron,ProcessingWell, heavy industry regeneration can save resources and energy, so thisSubstanceThe application and development will not last long. such as cupola-electric furnace double meltingProcessingand equipment research and development;Widely used in molten iron desulfurization, filtrationSkills;Thin-walled high-strength cast iron manufacturingSkills;cast ironcompound substanceManufacturingSkills;Cast iron surface or local hardeningProcessing;isothermal ordinary fireball graphite cast iron complete setProcessingUsing metal mold casting, metal mold sand casting, continuous casting and other specialProcessingand equipment.


(II) agricultural machinery castings

The output of cast steel is relatively stable, but the quality, variety, performance of cast steel parts and the proportion of alloy steel and special steel are constantly improving. Through various refinementsProcessingandSkillscan improve the new cast steelSubstancestrength, toughness and special properties. 

Alloys for agricultural machinery castings

Cast light alloys will be more widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other industries due to their low density, high strength, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties. Especially in the automotive industry, in order to reduce fuel consumption, it is a long-term trend to replace steel and iron castings with aluminum-nickel alloy castings. Its focus is on simple operation refiningSkillsDeteriorationSkillsGrain refinementSkillsand furnace front rapid detectionSkills. In order to further improveSubstanceperformance, playSubstancepotential, can develop very good aluminum alloySubstanceEspecially aluminum basecompound substanceto meet variousProcessingperformance requirements. strengthening cluster alloy meltingProcessingResearch, perfect alloy die casting and squeeze castingProcessingand relatedSkillsDevelopment and research, ferroalloy melting equipment and relatedSkillsandProcessingDevelopment research.

For agricultural machinery castingscompound substance

  compound substancewill become21century new type engineeringSubstance. Castingcompound substanceWill be committed to metal-basedcompound substanceBase material and reinforcing memberSubstancedevelopment and research to accelerate its application and development. 

The casting defect of agricultural machinery is the main cause of waste products, which seriously threatens the quality of castings. For various reasons, castings have various defects. Due to different conditions, the types and forms of defects are also different. The solidification shrinkage of the liquid metal forms shrinkage cavity. Segregation is caused by the redistribution of elements in the solid and liquid phases during solidification. The assembly of thermal stresses during cooling causes cracking and deformation of the casting. Corresponding measures should be taken according to the causes and extent of agricultural machinery castings to prevent or minimize the occurrence of engineering machinery castings. In addition, the filling process will appear debris, pores, cold gate and many other defects. They are not only related to the type of alloy, but also to the specific moldingProcessingRelated. In short, the prevention, elimination and control of various defects is an important issue that cannot be ignored.