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Brake disc

There are many kinds of brake discs, which are characterized by thin walls, and the disc and the center are formed by sand cores. Different types of brake discs have differences in disc diameter, disc thickness and gap size between the two discs, and the thickness and height of the disc hub are also different. The structure of the brake disc of the single-layer disc is relatively simple. The weight of the casting is mostly 6-18kg.

Brake caliper assembly/auto parts

Auto parts refer to auto parts processing (auto spare parts), which are the units that constitute the overall auto parts processing and the products that serve the auto parts processing.

Ductile iron

The chemical composition of ductile iron in addition to iron is usually: carbon content of 3.0~4.0, silicon content of 1.8~3.2, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur content of not more than 3.0 and the right amount of rare earth, magnesium and other spheroidizing elements.


Flywheel, a disk-shaped part with a large moment of inertia that acts as an energy store. For a four-stroke engine, work is done once every four piston strokes, that is, only the work stroke does work, and the three strokes of exhaust, intake and compression consume work.

Production Process and Material Selection of Reducer Shell

The reducer housing is an important part of the reducer. Choosing the right process and material is very important to product quality and performance. This paper introduces the production process and material selection of the reducer shell, and analyzes its influence on the product. Through reasonable process and material selection, high-quality reducer housing can be produced to improve product performance and service life.

How to Clean and Maintain Cast Iron Radiator

If the radiator is caused by air blockage, it needs scientific deflation. The exhaust valve is one of the necessary accessories of the radiator, which is used to release the gas and let the heating circulate smoothly. There is currently an automatic exhaust valve (which can be automatically deflated). There is also a manual exhaust valve. You need to loosen the manual exhaust valve with a screwdriver so that the air can be discharged by itself. Stop deflating when you see the radiator discharging water.

How to judge the quality of hydraulic castings

This article will introduce you how to judge the quality of hydraulic castings. By observing the compactness, dimensional accuracy, material qualification, mechanical properties and appearance quality, you can identify qualified hydraulic castings. Choosing a professional casting manufacturer to cooperate is also an important way to ensure quality.

Comparative Analysis of Hydraulic Castings and Traditional Castings

Comparative Analysis of Hydraulic Castings and Traditional Castings

In modern manufacturing, hydraulic castings and traditional castings are common casting types. Hydraulic castings are castings that use hydraulic pressure to inject molten metal into a mold for molding, while traditional castings are castings that are produced using traditional casting processes. In this paper, hydraulic castings and traditional castings are compared and analyzed, and their advantages and disadvantages and applicable fields are discussed.

How to choose a suitable hydraulic casting supplier

How to choose a suitable hydraulic casting supplier

Choosing a suitable hydraulic casting supplier is the key to ensure the success of the project. This article introduces several key factors for selecting hydraulic casting suppliers, including experience and professional knowledge, production capacity, supply chain management ability, price and communication and cooperation ability. By combining these factors, you can find the most suitable supplier to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Why choose the agricultural machinery castings of Shengli Casting?

Why choose the agricultural machinery castings of Shengli Casting?

Agricultural machinery castings are essential parts in the field of agriculture, they play an important role in agricultural production. Choosing a reliable supplier to provide high-quality agricultural machinery castings is very important for agricultural enterprises. In this article, we will explore why we choose Shengli Casting's agricultural machinery castings and introduce some key advantages.