The use of axle parts?

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Nowadays, there are still many people who don't know some basic information about axle parts, so as a manufacturer, it is necessary for us to briefly explain. In fact, this axle part is everywhere we can see, and its structure is unique. It also plays a very important role in the industrial field, so we must understand its use in time, so that it can be familiar and used faster in operation.

Now there are many peopleAxle PartsSome of the basic information is not understood, so as manufacturers, we are also necessary to briefly explain, in fact, thisAxle PartsIt is the existence that we can see everywhere, its structure is unique, and it also plays a very important role in the industrial field, so we must understand its use in time, so that it can be familiar with and used faster in operation.


Axle PartsThe difference between the steering drive axle and the steering axle in is that everything is hollow. The beam becomes the axle housing, and the steering knuckle becomes the knuckle housing because there are more drive shafts inside.Axle PartsThe drive shaft is divided into two half shafts by the differential in the middle of the axle housing. The two straw hats are not only simply worn on the head, but also directly connected to the two half shafts inside. Half shaft in"Neck"-There is also a joint at the universal joint, so the half shaft is divided into two parts, the inner half shaft and the outer half shaft.

AccordingAxle PartsThe structural type of the suspension, the axle can be divided into two types: separated and integral. The split axle is a movable joint structure used in combination with an independent suspension; the middle part of the integral axle is a rigid solid or hollow beam. It is usually equipped with non-independent suspension. According to the different movement modes of the wheels, axles can be divided into four types: steering shaft, drive shaft, steering drive shaft and support shaft. Among them, the steering bridge and the supporting bridge belong to the driven bridge. Generally, the car.Axle PartsThe front axle is mainly the steering axle, the rear axle or center axle and the rear axle are mainly the drive axle; the front axle of off-road vehicles or most cars is both the steering axle and the drive axle, so it is called the steering drive axle; some single-axle drive three-axle vehicles (6×2) If the central shaft (or rear shaft) is the drive shaft, the rear shaft (or central shaft) is the support shaft.

Axle PartsThe function of the drive axle is to transmit the driving force of the engine to the driving wheels to realize the functions of deceleration and increase torque, while changing the direction of power transmission. The drive axle is composed of a main reducer, a differential, a half shaft and an axle housing.

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